“Flying high above the rooftops, your job is to keep the street lamps burning. Catch fireflies and shoot them at the lamps, avoid the buildings and watch out for the bats that come out in the moonlight!"

SteamPilot is set in a silhouetted Steampunk inspired landscape with all manner of machines, rooftops and hazards to overcome. The aim is to "keep the lamps burning" and to fly as far as possible while avoiding the hazards. SteamPilot is far from a fast and furious gaming experience - but rapidly becomes a game of challenge and pace.

We made a prototype of SteamPilot with the help of Film Victoria in 2009 and wanted to build the game ever since that time. Sam Yang worked on the initial character design and Ben Britten originally did the coding in Unity. We've since changed the gameplay and appearance quite a lot and re-coded it from the ground-up!

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