Like having real creepy crawlies in the palm of your hand!
Play, pause and zoom into real life video of a: Praying Mantis, Tarantula, Scorpion, Stick Insect, Centipede, Leech, Cockroach and Butterfly.
Observe in detail the movement and behaviour of this unique collection of creepy crawlies. The inquisitive nature of the Praying Mantis; the ungainly wobble of the Stick Insect and the Leech stretching up to 10 times its own body length.
 • Amazingly detailed video
 • 6 creepy crawlies to study in detail
 • 15 different creepy crawlies in total
 • 25 minutes of original footage
 • Tap to play/pause and start/stop video
 • Pinch to zoom into video

View example bug footage: YouTube

iOS: iPhone | iPad