The Not My Type animation series was primarily produced for distribution on the internet. Set in an office, the Not My Type series explores the various relationships within. While avoiding the use of language and dialogue, Not My Type, takes various typographic faces, symbols and characters and then duplicates, distorts and moves them to create a simple, stylistic production.

The initial version was created using Macromedia Director in 1995 (while John was at University) and was then recreated in 2000 for internet distribution using Flash - which was a perfect fit for a font based, primarily black & white animation. Not My Type I was so well received that another episode soon followed, culminating in four episodes by the end of 2002.

"I discovered Not My Type number four with great pleasure. Same family, but a fresher and quite new approach. Limited and wise use of colors. Being fond of fonts it's, for me, one of the very best creations available on the net. Thanks." 
Jean-François Fogel 'Le Monde' 30.10.02

The Not My Type series has been screened at numerous festivals around the world including: Animac (Spain), ACM Siggraph (Taiwan), AnimaMundi (Brazil), Melbourne International Animation Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Ciberart Bilbao (Spain), Bradford Animation Festival and Annecy Animation Festival (France).
It has been a finalist for a number of awards including: SENEF Internet Film Awards (Korea); VIDEOFORMES (France); Winner Best Direction, FIFI 2001 - Internet Film Festival (France); and Winner of the Jury Prize, I'Castelli Animati 2000 (Italy).

Not My Type was also featured in Exploring Typography (Thomson Delmar Learning. Tova Rabinowitz. 2005) and Animation in Process (Lawrence King Publishing. Andrew Selby. 2009).