"I Ride Over Alphabet Town" was created for the Diesel Dreams campaign for Autumn/Winter 2004. KesselsKramer approached us to create a 60 second animation representing the dream of a girl who has fallen asleep while reading atop her rooftop balcony.

"A collective of 30 film-makers, animators, artists, musicians and illustrators from all over the world have collaborated with Diesel to realize a unique gallery of dreams."  Campaign Release

The 2D characters were created and animated in Flash and the collage sea creatures were composed in Photoshop and animated in After Effects. The paper was animated in Lightwave and composited in After Effects.
I Ride Over Alphabet Town was screened on the Diesel website, distributed on DVD though Diesel stores worldwide and also included on the DVD within Diesel's 50th birthday publication Fifty (Mark Tungate, 2005).
It was also screened at a number of festivals including: Resfest (Australia), Bimini Festival (Latvia), SIGGRAPH (NZ) and the Japan Media Arts Festival (Tokyo).

View animation on: YouTube