Working with some early design concepts but primarily it is gameplay being developed for the new title. I am likely to commission an artist for the graphics and currently we are commissioning styles and concepts.

Boxcraft flies again.

Boxcraft was a project I made in 1996 on the side when I should have been working. The graphics were all made using Macpaint (classic early Mac software) - especially the mirror drawing tool. It was made in Macromedia Director (requires the Macromedia Director Shockwave plugin) and one of the first coded projects I made with the help from the amazing Ulla. There is a little gallery section which highlights some designs by my good friends at Nofrontiere.

Tiny Pigz


The game is going very well, developing apace so it is time to show a tiny little screen capture of many of the elements on the stage. It is a grab from Illustrator so there are some artefacts also visible.

It's A Pond

The app, 'Pigz' is progressing well. Here is the design for a pond. It might be a little static, in need of some ripples or a fish surfacing perhaps.  That might have to come later.
Also checked a demo build on the new iPad Air and it seems to be fine. It was the first time I have seen a build on a Retina screen and it looks good but please do not increase the resolution Apple!