UN-icon 6


Here the magnifying glass icon is turned into an old fashioned rotary fan. How visually boring a Dyson bladeless fan is compared to the old fashioned style.


UN-icon 5


Continuing the UN-icon series and this animation again uses the 'I Beam' as the protagonist.  You have to love the illusion that caterpillar tracks create on a real bulldozer or tank and here it is recreated.


UN-icon 4


The Un-icon animation series continue. This one uses the 'I' beam. The evocative motion of a dandelion releasing its seeds into the wind. 


UN-icon 3


Another UN-icon animation. Some water droplets falling on a fern leaf. What fun skewing the arrow icon to create a sense of three dimensional depth.  


UN-icon 2


Another UN-icon animation from the series. This animation was made using the ubiquitous magnifying glass icon. There are generations alive now who would have never held let alone seen a magnifying glass in their lives.




I love the work and ideas behind Isotype. The visual language or symbol language designed by Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz. I believe there is an extension of these concepts and his work into the realm of international brand symbols, as in they are already an international language more successful than any one designer could ever develop. A project we made years ago explored this idea by using the internationally recognised computing cursor symbols; the Arrow, Hand, I-beam and Magnifying glass. I plan to post some of these as animated GIFs and here is the first (above).