Infinite Empire

A link to a record of a Steampunk exhibition we were invited to submit for in Tasmania 2005, Infinite Empires. First time I have seen images of the exhibition - looked amazing! The curator, Carole Hammond, did a great job - should have toured Australia!


I found this quote about Lycette Bros. Do not know where it came from (well it seems from a guy called Dave Marcus) or what context it belongs, but I love it!

"It is both ironic and revolutionary that the Lycette Bros., as multimedia artists, inherently distrust the technology, the media through which their art is expressed. It is, perhaps, the fundamental reason why they are such good practitioners of their art. They are constantly referring the virtual back to the real, constructing their virtual objects with the same care and attention to detail as the craftsmen of old. The work of the Lycette Bros. continually surprises in beauty, form and function tactile and tangible, it elicits a response more in keeping with a visit to an art gallery than a visit to a website."

Joseph Lycett & Lycette Bros.


The new television series on ABC Australia "The Art of Australia" focused heavily on Joseph Lycett a distant relative of ours. Poor old Lycett, used his artistic talents in copying bank notes. He committed suicide, although there is some conjecture that he died from the attempt instead of being immediately successful. He chose this rather than having to return to Australia from freedom in England.
Our version of the name Lycett with an 'e' was added later in life by a predecessor who decided it looked more sophisticated, it certainly has us mistaken for being French.