I am not a fan of subscription based software. I accept necessities like the Adobe suite and Squarespace. it is the (unavoidable) way of the future Their value is clear to me. I see value in the price I pay.

Appviz3 however I am no fan of becoming a subscriber. I like the software and have paid for Appviz1 and 2. It offers much in visualizing and presenting data. A one off fee gave me what I needed. I find it difficult to justify (to myself) to pay for a subscription service that is hard to define what regular service I am paying for. Is the software evolving that much? Is it improving that often that a subscription is necessary? I am sorry Appviz3 I will be leaving you this time and access the free services of the much improved Appannie until I am convinced otherwise.

Let's pray that Appviz2 stays working.