This is the resulting animation inspired by the animation posted yesterday (Undead Design) . it was commissioned by the Sydney Media Arts organisation, dLux in 2006. Specifically a mini movie for mobile phones describing what they are about - art film, movies and media. The objects and individuals have no specific meaning - it simply represents the wide ranging ideas found in the arts. The images you can see in the animation are the following: cartoon mouse, gorilla, naked woman, Adolf Hitler, tape cassette, skull, mosque, snowman, film projector (camera), ET, Charlie Chaplin, car, Ned Kelly, Brancusi sculpture, screaming head and a Stormtrooper.

All the images are made from 4 circles and 3 rectangles (2 of which ave rounded corners) which morph in location, size and scale to form the illustrations.
The work was featured in the book Animation in Process by Andrew Selby.