Undead Design

After 20 years in this industry you collect a lot of images, designs and ideas that sometimes had many hours spent on them but were ultimately never published.  A blog is the perfect place to show off such material, so under the banner of "Undead Design" (it is not dead yet), let's start!

The first illustrations come from a game idea we worked on briefly with a proposed co-op of fellow developers from Australia and the US under the banner "Esc Games". I will show the logo as well I did for that, but here is a concept drawing for a proposed game based on Brünhilde, the character from the Nibelungen Saga. The first design is done in a children's storybook style. Simple geometric shapes make up the character, it suits a storybook more than a game methinks but I do like it.


This second design is more considered. Sticking with flat colours I added a faux 3D look. I love the combination of 3D and flat colours - it is a 3D minimalist combination. There is so much character I think in the figure, the little horned helmet propped on the head, the array of pastel colours. I will definitely use this style for something in the future.