Straw bridges


Have worked on some visual designs for a bridge and bails of straw for the Pigz game. The initial bridge, while nice to look at, creates some design/control issues for the gameplay so I have to resort to some 'flatter' designs. Luckily a nice curved wooden bridge is flatter and looks good too.


With the obligatory bails of straw you find on the farm I have decided to go for the big round ones you see in more modern times. I doubt many of my target audience would have seen any old fashioned ones (which are aesthetically more pleasing). Another decision was whether I have the 'spiky' straw (right) or soft straw (left). The soft/flat surface wins as the spiky version is probably more graphically demanding but also the scale of the spiky bits are probably too big. If you have 'played in the hay' you'd know it pokes more than it spikes.... :-/  (I am talking of straw not hay - thanks Martha!)