That 'got it' moment


Continuing my analysis (or is it an obsession) of the recent rise of downloads of the app 'Can of Worms Lite', I have a new theory.

Many apps have some key factor or strength about them, it can be cognitive, functional or visual. It is the moment when someone 'gets it' and the meme starts to spread. Flight Control was drawing paths, Angry Birds was playing with trajectories.  Can of Worms 'got it' moment is trompe- 'oeil. That wonderful use of illusion and 'forced perspective' that mesmerized viewers when exhibited in the 15-19th centuries. Skeuomorphics was/is simply an extension of trompe-'oeil and it seems is now falling out of favour (or fad).

Can of Worms visually is all about fake perspectives but importantly it uses the reality of the object (the phone) to emphasise the illusion. The iPhone, its rounded rectangle metallic shape, reminded me of a sardine can which in turn led to the idea about simulating the tearing open of said can. That simple idea of recreating or transforming the iPhone into a sardine can was the whole basis for the app Can of Worms and I think some people out there go it.

Apps are funny things they can sit out there in 'appspace' drifting along and then 'BAM!' someone comes along and 'gets it'. I know the rule of 'making it and they will come' is rejected and discredited but I am not so sure this rule is always relevant in 'appspace'. It is market shifting and changing all of the time.