Flat Design in a 3D World


Everyone is raving about Flat Design for iOS7 like flat design never existed....in my world it was called 2D design or 'no drop shadows' or 'no (fake) 3D'. Anyway it got me thinking about the short trend for 3D app icons and how that might change or die off now. I jumped on board with the 'Can of Worms' icon design and loved the process and result. It was so much fun making the mini-3D icon - maybe more than the app itself. That's my love of logo design talking I guess, the simplicity of an iconic image or logotype communicating so much.

With the advent of iOS7 I have seen people write about making their App icons fit the new OS style/look (and obligatory guidelines). Interesting that a designer considers allowing a GUI to dictate the look of an icon - which inevitably means the whole App is affected by this stylistic shift. Not the first time I guess, nor the last. Personally I would not be changing any design look and feel just to fit with the OS change, I think Apps should remain true to their own conventions and purpose.


Having said that, it did not stop me from considering if there was a way to make an acceptable flat design of the current 3D icon and here is the result after a very short session. There are some nice example here of 3D effects in a flat design style.